Who We Are

Member Empowerment is at the core of Step Ahead’s philosophy, and is reflected in all interactions with members. Members have the right to make decisions for themselves and accept responsibility for the outcome, be it success or failure. Members choose for themselves as to whether they avail themselves of services or not, whether to get involved, and to what extent.

A variety of volunteer opportunities are regularly available. A number of our current employees have previously been (or are) current members.

We are a charitable trust, registered with Charities Services – registration number CC22156.


Step Ahead contributes to the wellbeing of people with mental illness by providing choices, opportunities, support and encouragement to enable them to live well in their communities.


To enhance the wellbeing of people who experience serious mental illness by providing community based services that support them in their own recovery.

Aims and Objects

  • To offer a positive and supportive environment.
  • To provide members with the opportunity to meet people, make friends, and have fun.
  • For members to have somewhere to go and things to do, a feeling of purpose and being part of something.
  • To provide members with the opportunity to learn, experience, and practice life skills.
  • To provide the opportunity for the development of work skills and habits through involvement in activities and in the running of Step Ahead.
  • To offer a source of information on community resources.
  • To encourage and support members to make their own decisions and be responsible for the outcome, be it success or failure.
  • To maintain a partnership between members, staff, and management at Step Ahead. All are involved in decision making and actions taken.
  • To work towards the goal of all members gaining something from the programme and also having something to contribute.

Core Values

Guiding principles and beliefs:

Hope:A belief that being involved with Step Ahead will make a positive difference to members’ lives.

Choice:Attendance at any activity is voluntary and members choose their own level of participation.

Respect:Consideration and empathy for others.

Responsibility:Members make their own decisions and accept responsibility for the outcome.

Openness:Decision making processes will be fair and transparent.