Lunches at Step Ahead provide members with an opportunity to come together for a low cost meal, while meeting up with people they know, and also perhaps having the opportunity to meet new members. Members will often only get to see people that attend the same groups that they do, and so when they attend shared lunches they also get to meet other members. It is a casual time to chat and catch up with people, share ideas and enjoy a meal while also hearing about other groups and things that are happening at Step Ahead.

Shared Meal Opportunities on the Stanmore Programme

MIDDAY LUNCHES: These happen twice a month on a Thursday at 12:30pm. It costs members $4.50 for a two course meal consisting of a main and a dessert or fruit. During the summer months BBQs are a common feature of the lunches.

Bookings by 10am please ๐Ÿ™‚

Thursday March the 12th: Vegetable Lasagne, salad and desert. Cost $4.50

Thursday March the 26th: Green pasta, salad and desert. Cost $4.50

Thursday April the 16th: Lasagne, salad and dessert. Cost $4.50

Thursday April the 30th: Bacon and Egg Pie with vegetables and dessert. Cost $4.50

LUNCH ON A WEDNESDAY: These lunches happen every Wednesday and consist of a healthy bread roll with a variety of fillings such as cold meat, carrot, beetroot, lettuce, egg, cheese, tomato, mayonnaise and cucumber. This is accompanied with a piece of fruit. The cost to members is $2.50. A second roll can be purchased for $1.50 if there are enough rolls available on the day. In the winter time rolls are sometimes substituted for a bowl of hearty home-made soup.

Shared Meal Opportunities on the Puriri Street Programme

MIDDAY LUNCHES: Budget lunch is offered monthly on a Friday at Puriri Street. There is also the opportunity for members to help out with the preparation of the food prior to the sharing of the meal. The cost is $4.50. The meal consists of a main and a dessert.

LIGHT LUNCH: Once a month a light lunch is offered to members at the cost of $2.50. Members have the opportunity to come in at 10am in the morning and help out with the preparation and cooking of the lunch if they wish.

Thursday March the 24th at noon: Potato Rosti and Salad, $2.50.

Shared Meal Opportunities on the Rural Programme

LUNCHES: Lunch is offered once a month to members at the cost of $4.50. A main meal and fruit is provided, and the members have the opportunity to help out with the preparation and cooking of the meal throughout the morning if they wish.

The lunch is offered on a Monday on the Rangiora programme, and on a Friday on the Ashburton programme.