Healthy Cooking

Every fortnight the healthy cooking group gives members the opportunity to come along and learn cooking skills, along with recipes which don’t take too many ingredients to make. The recipes used have a healthy focus, while also ensuring the ingredients used are not too costly to purchase.

The members only need to bring one ingredient toward the meal and a small cost of $1.00. They can choose to try the meal when it is finished or to take it home to use for their evening meal that evening.

An example of some of the meals we have made are crumbed fish balls, stuffed potatoes, spaghetti carbonara, vegetable filo parcels and zucchini and cheese bake.

Coming up in March at Stanmore

March the 10th at 1:30: Sweet Chilli Chicken, Tomato and Corn Salad – bring ONE (small) chicken breast and $1.00, bookings by 10am

March the 24th at 1:30: Courgette Schnitzel Wraps – bring a medium size courgette and $1.00, bookings by 10am

Coming up in April at Stanmore

April the 28th at 1:30: Corn Fritters with Salad. Bring 1 small can of corn kernels and $1.00, bookings by 10am

April the 14th at 1:30: Salmon Patties with Rocket and Pear salad. Bring 1 can of salmon and $1.00, bookings by 10am