Social Enterprise Update – A Stitch In Time at Step Ahead

So what is a Social enterprise? It’s a business that is designed to make just enough money to survive but its main aim is to provide training and jobs for people who would like to be employed. Another aim of the enterprise is for Step Ahead to have more interaction with the local community which will help break down the stigma and barriers that the public hold over mental health.

Step Ahead have decided to offer sewing repairs to staff, members and the local community. Some resources needed are already available at Step Ahead. The group will be able to use the “Art Space” which is the separate room at the back of the Step Ahead house. Also available are the sewing machines that Step Ahead Trust already own. The plan would be to provide high quality sewing services to the local community at attractive prices so that we can build a business, starting slowly and building up as time goes on.

A Management committee has been appointed which will guide the opening of the enterprise. Detailed plans are being prepared for how the enterprise will run, funding needed and marketing opportunities.

A name has been chosen which is an exciting step. We will be known as “A Stitch In Time at Step Ahead”

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 2nd April at 2:00pm. All welcome.