1. News & Views Discussion Group

    If you like to get together with others and discuss current affairs or anything that you have heard about or seen happening in your community, then this is the group for you! Topics are varied, including subjects such as politics, world issues, the effects of climate change and what we can do to help, through Read more

  2. Lunches

    Lunches at Step Ahead provide members with an opportunity to come together for a low cost meal, while meeting up with people they know, and also perhaps having the opportunity to meet new members. Members will often only get to see people that attend the same groups that they do, and so when they attend Read more

  3. Men’s Group

    This group meets twice monthly and provides a varied programme for men and includes local and out of town activities. Typically the group has one Christchurch based activity (half day) and one out of town (full day) activity each month.  Examples of around town activities for the group include: Visiting the Christchurch International Airport Fire Read more

  4. Documentary Group at Stanmore Road

    The group meets every second Wednesday afternoon at 1 pm, to watch their choice of documentaries followed by a discussion. We use YouTube to access the documentaries so a huge and diverse choice of documentaries are available to suit member’s interests.

  5. Women’s Group

    We offer a Women’s Group at both Stanmore Road and Puriri Street. The women enjoy getting together, and experiencing a wide variety of activities, including movies, meals out, day trips, op shopping, speakers and visiting local attractions. Member ideas for the group are always welcome. Coming up in September at Stanmore Road: Monday the 7th: Read more

  6. Gardening

    Gardening reconnects you with nature, and nature provides us with the grounding, connection and satisfaction we all need to sustain our thriving, happy selves. Gardening regularly can help reduce stress. Tasks vary throughout the seasons, and there is always something to do. Some of the types of activities that gardening groups do include lawn mowing, Read more

  7. Christian Groups

    Christian Groups meet together for fellowship, friendship and spirituality. The groups are non-denominational. Activities may include biblical studies, prayer, DVD viewing or visits to community venues. Groups are facilitated by a staff member, a tutor or are member-run.

  8. Coffee Morning

    Coffee mornings are a great opportunity for members to get together for a coffee (or tea) and some social time.   Stanmore Road Members meet on a Monday morning at 10 am to socialise and catch up after the weekend over a coffee. Puriri Street Puriri Street has coffee mornings most days at 10am. Rural Read more

  9. Op Shopping

    From time to time Step Ahead will head out to Op Shops around Christchurch (or further afield sometimes), to search for items for our various groups, or to give the members the opportunity to look for personal items and clothing they can purchase for themselves. This allows members to buy things at a cheaper price Read more

  10. Music Groups

    Music Groups offers members the opportunity to choose a favourite piece of music, which is projected onto a big screen, for everyone’s enjoyment and appreciation. Members may also play an instrument and singalongs are also popular. Discussion about music chosen is encouraged and often leads into researching other music and groups. The introduction of new Read more